What Are Blackpods 2 ?

Blackpods 2 are simply the perfect alternative to airPods 2 for more than half the price.



Blackpods 2 are based from BLWCK own design concept and are true wireless earbuds, built for lightning fast connectivity, more efficiency and resistance. Let’s face it! Apple airPods 2 are very expensive. Retail price is $199 USD whereas BLWCK Blackpods 2 are around 59 USD. So it's a substantial discount!

The main design concept of these airpods 2 black  was focus on making something super similar to airPods, at a much affordable price.

Blackpods 2 Benefits:

  • Maximum Mobility
  • Affordable
  • Easy connection
  • Seamless pairing experience 
  • High quality sound experience
  • Sleek design
  • Compatible with iPhones, or any  iOS / Android devices

Blackpods 2 just look great. They have an incredible matte texture and a matte black finish. They feel great in the hand very. Not as weighty as the actual apple airPods 2 but very similar. Blackpods 2 just look the same as apple airpPods 2 black.

They're just about the same size, the same weight, same look and design. BLWCK’s black airPods 2 features a little dot here that will indicate wireless charging. These black airPods 2 have great frequency range and great noise cancellation capabilities. 

Blackpods 2 Features:

  • W1 Pop-up Chip
  • Charging box with 24-hour Battery life
  • Touch control
  • Independent Left and Right earbuds 
  • Super-bass
  • Auto power on/off
  • Bin-aural calls 
  • Siri Control
  • Water-resistant
  • Wireless Charging 
  • Quick connection

When it comes to pairing, these are pretty much the exact same as airPods 2. You just open these up, holds on the back and they instantly pairs with your iPhone or your Android device. These will also provide you a seamless pairing experience, which is a major advantage to getting apple headphones to go with your Apple device.

So if you are looking for a convenient package experience, seamless pairing and so fourth, carrying headphones anywhere, and don’t just don’t want to spend 200 + bucks then BLWCK Blackpods 2 are your perfect solution.

Blackpods 2 Package includes:

  • 1 x Blackpods 2
  • 1 x box
  • 1 x wireless charging case
  • 1 x lightning cable



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